Upcoming Events

 Saturday and Sunday, October 28 and 29
 AND DG SERIES (First race for 2018 Points 






Upcoming Practice

Saturday, October 7
Saturday, October 28
Saturday and Sunday, November 4 and 5
Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12
Saturday and Sunday, November 18 and 19
Saturday and Sunday, November 25 and 26
Saturday and Sunday, December 2 and 3
Open to all Riders at a cost of $30.00 for the day
The track will be groomed
for your riding 
and you will get lots of
quality riding time



Please Click Here for a Video about our track

About Us
Doublin Gap MX Park was started in 1995 by Rod and Jeff Yentzer who have both been 
involved in Motocross Racing for thirty five plus years.  We take pride in giving you a safe and
fun track to ride on. We offer Motocross Racing Events and Open Practice.
We do have a Doublin Gap Series where Riders can be awarded at the end of the year with Doublin Gap
Jackets and also prizes for Perfect Attendance for the series!!
We have available several viewing towers, a playground area, smalll bmx track to ride on, Chapel Service on Race Days
Concession Stand, small beginner track for those just starting out in motocross, competent scorers,
Transponder Scoring where you can get your lap times,
 and Kiosik Sign-In for quick race registration.
We have hosted LL Qualifiers and Regionals, MDRA Races, MAMA, District 6 Henrietta Classic Series,
and PAMX Races.  We are a memberof our local District  6 and the AMA. 
We ask that you please let us know if there are areas that you feel need improvement 
and we will make every effort to improve those areas.  We are there for you and we want 
all of you to enjoy your time at our Motocross Park!!  
Thank you for all of your support over the years and we welcome your comments any time.